GOLDFXCC is a global community with with the sole aim of helping our students learn the Forex market, with 10 years+ combined experience in the field you’re in safe hands when trading with GOLDFXCC. We pride ourselves in helping the ordinary person learn a skill set that can change their life.

Real-Time Telegram

Our daily Forex signals are delivered directly to your phone via Telegram.

24/5 Premium Support

We are on hand to answer any questions on any day of the week

High Quality & Low Cost

GOLDFXCC Signals start from just £48 per month

Forex News & Analyst

Along with Signals we send out chart analysis and market information

Weekly Outlook & Newsletter

    3 – 5

    Signals per day


    Pips per month

    16000 +

    GoldFxcc members

    14 +


    Take Your trading to the next level

    Our in-house analysts provide all of our students with daily trade setups to ensure they are getting real time profitable market experience whilst, most importantly, making money on the markets.


    First of all choose a signal package that works well for you. We have three to choose from: 1 month, 3 months or 6 months


    You can complete your purchase using our secure payment options, simply proceed and select from Credit or Debit Card or PayPal


    You will receive a welcome telegram message within 30 seconds with instructions of how to get started


    Our trade alerts are super simple to follow. All you need to do is find the currency pair, follow our risk management and then wait for the blue's. With our guidance, you will never be left confused when placing the signals.​​

    Some Facts About Us

    We have gone fully into depth on each subject as well as each and every technique that we and our analysts use to spot trends, identify opportunities and key areas in the market that we can exploit in order to profit.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    The answers to your questions. Can’t find the information you’re looking for?
    Send us a message!

    What are GOLDFXCC™️ SIGNALS?

    Our Signals are quite easy to enforce and can also be followed with no difficulties by everyone who wants to.
    Our team of experts analyses and focus on the best profitable opportunities for selling or buying and once established, they give them to you as a chance for opening an auction.

    Our Signals gives information about:

    • When is the best time for you to trade?
    • What is the best way for you to trade?
    • Which one of the currency pair is good to choose?
    How can i receive your signals?

    You can receive our signals via Telegram app  or via email.
    In order to receive our signals immediately with sound notification, we advise you to use Telegram app.

    What time and GMT+ do you send your signals?

    We post our signals when there is a trading opportunity from 8 АМ until 5 PM (UK and US sessions) at *GMT+2 or *GMT+3*.

    Why should I open an account in your recommended broker?

    One of the most important steps, maybe the most important one, actually, is to choose the right broker for you. Our goal is to ensure security for our clients and their funds. In order to achieve this, we are close partners with ICMARKET. This broker is a leading online trading provider. Our many years of experience and multiple tests led us to the conclusion that this broker proves the best terms and conditions that align with our trade signals.

    I already have a trading account. How can I benefit from your site?

    You can use the account you have already made and trade with the help of the broker who has helped you until now. You are practically able to use our Signals and trading ideas while operating with every single broker you choose.

    Do I need any specific background or trading experience in order to enjoy with GOLDFXCC™️ and become a winner trader?

    There is no need for you to be an expert – let us play this role. The service we offer is a good one for people who are looking for a great investment or for those who just need some extra profit.
    This is an opportunity given to the beginners and also to traders with some FX trading experience.

    Why the signals are Accurate most of the time?

    We sending you Forex Signals Only at good opportunities found in the market by our analyst team. We believe Quality of Signals is more Important than Quantity of Signals. we are always happy to share our knowledge and help all the traders around the world for getting Success in Forex Trading. Our Kind Advice to all the trader are “Don’t Trade Forex Market all the time, Trade Forex Only at Good Opportunities available in the market” You will see Great Profitable Results, if you focus on Good Quality Trades, instead of taking more bad trades.

    Is it possible to have Continuous losses on you Signals?

    No, we don’t have continuous losses. The reason is, If one of our analyst gives a signal and went into loss, then the same analyst is not allowed to provide the signal continuously. A different analyst will provide you the next signal. We don’t want any of the analyst to get into an Psychological trap and also the trader. Most of our Signal Subscribers trade their account easier without any worries because, we have a proper planning for trading with care.

    What is the Minimum Trading balance required to follow your signals?

    You can use any Trading account size for following our signals, But You must have to use Proper Money Management depend on your trading balance.

    What is your Risk Reward ratio?

    We have 1 : 2 to 1 : 8 Risk Reward Ratio (or) more depend on market conditions.

    GoldFxcc™️ Breakout Traders VIP& Accelerated

    Currency 1Month

    • High accuracy FX signals
    • Money management tips
    • Trading Chatroom
    • 3-5 signals a day
    • Premium Support
    • Zoom Mentorship



    Currency 3Months

    • High accuracy FX signals
    • Premium Support 24/5
    • Premium Chart Analysis PDF equivalent of £50 per month!
    • Money managament tips
    • Trading Chatroom
    • 3-5 signals a day

    £109.99/every 3 months



    • HQ Commodities& Indices
    • Gold, Silver, Sp500, Dow Jones, Dax, UK100 & Nasdaq
    • Premium Support 24/5
    • Premium Chart Analysis PDF equivalent of £50 per month!
    • Money managament tips
    • Trading Chatroom
    • 1-2 signals a day


    Currency 12Months

    • High accuracy FX signals
    • Premium Support 24/5
    • Premium Chart Analysis PDF equivalent of £50 per month!
    • Money managament tips
    • Trading Chatroom
    • 3-5 signals a day
    • PLUS: Video Zoom Mentorship

    £299.99/12 months

    Remember with our only one signal you can get your money back for subscription!


    100% real forex testimonials & reviews!

    Very helpful and well organised. The team are always ready to help. They are very transparent and their results are amazing. They make you feel like a family and respond to your messages swiftly. I would highly recommend this to everyone. They provide chart analysis and also guide you and update you on the trades and results.


    I've never seen a free forex service like this one.
    Only one offering free Gold analysis.
    Hustle. Honesty. Respect


    RISK WARNING : Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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